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The health and safety of the people working in the meat industry is important and businesses strive to protect individuals through risk assessment and proper controls.

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HSE Fees for Intervention

From 1 October 2012, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) will introduce a Fee for Intervention (FFI) Scheme. Under FFI, employers contravening Health and Safety Law will be required to pay the HSE’s enforcement costs, at the rate of £124-per-hour until the breach has been rectified. The scheme only applies to organisations where health and safety regulation is enforced by the HSE, rather by the local authority.

Please see the attached briefing . for more information and guidance

Potential risk to human and animal health from hydrogen sulphide gas generated when gypsum is used as animal bedding

Since the beginning of the year, concerns have been raised in the EA, NIEA, SEPA, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and key industries about the practice of adding gypsum and gypsum based products e.g. recycled plasterboard, to livestock bedding.

Hydrogen sulphide is a toxic gas that can be generated by slurry and manure. There is evidence to suggest that when gypsum and gypsum containing wastes are used as livestock bedding the concentration of hydrogen sulphide gas produced significantly increases. There have been instances reported of cattle dying from hydrogen sulphide poisoning. The HSE is also investigating two recent human fatalities which may have been caused by exposure to high levels of hydrogen sulphide in a slurry system.

Please see the attached document. for more information and guidance

Health and Safety Guidance Notes for the Meat Industry

BMPA has developed Health and Safety Guidance Notes for the meat industry which have been prepared with representatives of other industry organisations in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive. These have been developed to assist businesses get to grips with health and safety in our industry.

To download a copy please click here.

Food and Drink Manufacture website

The HSE have extensively revised their Food and Drink Manufacture website which also contains links to many other sources of information.

The website can be found by clicking here.

Managing slips, trips and falls
HSE Campaign - “Shattered Lives”

The HSE is promoting their campaign entitled “Shattered Lives” which aims to assist employers in tackling one of the most common causes of injury within our sector.

For those companies wishing to run projects on reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls, HSE are offering assistance and can provide articles, materials and in some cases speakers.

The campaign is supported by a website hosted by the HSE and can be found by clicking here.
The website also includes a number of very useful case studies.

Working in Great Britain from overseas

The HSE has launched a new series of website pages which provides information on a whole range of topics which will help overseas workers and their employers understand their roles and responsibilities under British health and safety law.

Most of the information has been translated into 14 languages and a number of HSE publications are now available in 30 different languages. There is also the facility with the HSE’s infoline service to make use of a translator, this is provided via a three way conversation facility and is available to cover 100 languages.

To access the HSE website please click here.

Your Health and Animals
A quick guide for those working in the meat industry

In 2007 the BMPA developed a booklet for employees whose jobs involve handling animals, particularly during the slaughter and dressing stages.

The booklet highlighted diseases which can be contracted from animals and that may present a hazard to abattoir staff. It was designed in a pocket book format for ease of use by abattoir employees or when consulting with their GPs. The booklet has now been reviewed and updated (September 2011), and you may wish to order the latest version for your employees. Copies are available on request from the BMPA offices (75p per booklet + vat and P&P), or download a free PDF copy.

To download a copy please click here

The health and safety of Great Britain
The health and safety of Great Britain - Be part of the solution.

The HSE has published a new strategy - "The health and safety of Great Britain – Be part of the solution". The main themes of this new strategy are: the need for strong leadership; building competence; involving the workforce, and creating healthier, safer workplaces.

During 2009/10 HSE Inspectors visiting factories will be examining the management of health and safety and in particular director/board level leadership and worker involvement. Other topics which inspectors may enquire about are; Migrant and Vulnerable Workers; Risk Management; Musculo Skeletal Disorders; Noise and Vibration; Falls from Heights; Dermatitis; Machinery and Safety; Loading and Unloading; Slips and Trips and Occupational Asthma.

To download a copy please click here

Cattle can kill Don''t let it be you
Cattle can kill - don''t let it be you

The HSE/Meat Trades Joint Working Party have discussed the issues surrounding safety within abattoir premises and also beyond the perimeter of the premises in the case of escaping animals and have produced a poster to be placed in lairages. The poster highlights the potential hazards of working with cattle and provides a number of safety measures when unloading animals and also highlights the need for procedures should animals escape.

A pdf version of the poster is available please click here

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