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The BMPA’s activities cover a wide range of issues. Information or guidance on specific issues may be found in the relevant sections of the BMPA website.

This section contains statements or summaries of BMPA policy on key issues.
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CCTV Use in Abattoirs
12 Nov 2015click to view/download this PDF file (162KB)Size: 161KB
Processor Code of Practice for the Purchase of Cattle
17 Feb 2015click to view/download this PDF file (178KB)Size: 177KB
Religious slaughter - BMPA position May 2014
1 May 2014click to view/download this PDF file (130KB)Size: 130KB
Towards a Sustainable Meat Industry - Update at October 2012
The following statement, summarises the BMPA’s strategy and policy priorities in seeking to address the key challenges and issues facing the meat processing and meat manufacturing industry. This statement will be reviewed and updated as necessary.
1 Nov 2012click to view/download this PDF file (99KB)Size: 98KB
BMPA Position on Produce from Cloned Animals and Their Offspring
The BMPA considers that decisions on the marketing and sale of produce from cloned animals and their offspring should be based on the latest scientific evidence and so supports the FSA’s decision to change their advice to ministers, saying that produce derived from the offspring of cloned animals does not pose a risk to human health and should therefore not be covered by the novel foods regulation. The decision is also good news for BMPA members who will no longer have to worry about inadvertently breaking the law by producing meat from these animals due to the lack of an identification and tracing system. In line with the scientific view that this produce poses negligible risk to human health, the BMPA supports the FSA’s view that mandatory labelling of meat obtained from descendants of cloned animals would be unnecessary and disproportionate. In the UK raising and keeping cloned animals continues to be unlawful outside of licensed locations such as research premises, which the BMPA welcomes.
22 Dec 2010click to view/download this PDF file (58KB)Size: 57KB
UECBV Proposals for Future Meat Inspection
There is general recognition across the EU that the current system of meat inspections is outdated and needs to be modernise to address today’s food safety hazards. This will require changes in EU legislation. The BMPA is a member of the European Livestock and Meat Trading Union (UECBV), which has drawn up the proposal below setting out the principles of modern EU meat hygiene and inspection regime and how it could be regulated.
2 Dec 2010click to view/download this PDF file (85KB)Size: 84KB
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